Feng Shui Success Story

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Feng Shui Success Story – “It changed my life completely!”


mum2 Vanessa is a regular mom living in UK. After troubled divorce she was left alone with her little daughter, no job and mountain of bills to pay. In just 2 weeks she managed to turn her situation from horrible to fantastic all thanks to positive feng shui energy.

“It must have been the hardest period in my life”

I ask her how she got familiar with feng shui.

“Each Sunday I go to my mom for a dinner. When I entered her house that time I’ve felt a difference…I felt significantly more comfortable and sort of warm inside. There wasn’t any new furniture apart few paintings and lamps but the old one’s had different placements.

My mom explained to me that she remodeled her house following feng shui tips from “Way To Feng Shui” by Lin Mai.

I’ve spend the rest of that evening reading that book, and taking notes. When I was back home I immediately applied all of the tips and went to sleep. That was the best sleep since my divorce – I woke up fresh and full of energy!

How did your financial situation changed?

“I no longer had fog in my head – I knew what I should do. I have started functioning on a entirely different level.

Week later I had a good paying job – I was really proud of myself”

Single moms aren’t exactly men “target” but somehow I feel like it’s safe to ask Vanessa about it.

“Oh yeah – most of men I’ve met run away as soon as I mentioned my daughter. But not all…I’m in relationship with a fantastic men and the great thing is – Kate loves him too!”

Is there something you want to say to our readers?

“Give feng shui a chance. Read “Way To Feng Shui” and apply tips it provides. The results may change your life just like it changed mine.”

You can learn more about Way To Feng Shui” by Lin Mai HERE.